Action Sport

Action sports - on the ground, on water or in the air? :)

Action sports in the Reschen Pass on the ground

The Reschenpass holiday region with the surrounding holiday regions in the Vinschgau Valley in Tyrol and the Engadine are also for adrenaline enthusiasts the perfect place. Here the family holiday if you like will be pushed up with a lot of action.

Mountain biking as Action Sport is shown in another section. Interesting tours also for bikers.

With the motorcycle through the upper Vinschgau Valley and after 48 turns you will be up to 2575 m on the Stelvio Pass. Safety first on a motorbike, but there is certainly a lot of action on this tour. There are in our proximity many other great tours.

On four wheels we recommend a go-kart fun day in the Motor Sport Arena in the village of Ötztal, about a good hour from the Reschen pass away. This Action-Fun experience is it worth!

Nature and action is available for children in the high rope garden in Allitz by Laas, for adults and trained climbers our region offers high alpine climbing routes. Wild nature and pure action!

Action on water sports in the Reschen pass

Reschen on the Reschen Lake, at the source of the Etsch river, the second longest river in Italy, offers also action on water. That the Resia lake with its 6.6 km² no natural alpine lake is but that it was created for the production of electricity, it is the sad history of the nearby villages.

Today fortunately it is also used for leisure activities. Reschen lake is used for water sports enthusiasts, especially kite surfers and sailors see the lake as a water sports paradise in the middle of the mountains. Wind, water, sailing = Action :)

Action in the Reschen Pass in the air

The classic sport in the air in the alpine area must be mentioned. Our landscape from above is a dream come true!!!!! The Paragliding for example as a tandem flight is an unforgettable action.