Agritourism Farm holiday

at Reschensee at 1,500 meters

The Flickerhof – Agritourism Farm holiday

Want to relax or to help?

There is always a lot to do on the Flickerhof. You can (of course only if you want) help us with the everyday work on our farm: at the hay harvest or with the animals for example. Some montan meadows, about 20 dairy cows, other farm activities and depending on the season the pigs, bring a lot of work which has to be done every day. Also the cute cats need the attention of our guests.

Originally the Flickerhof was managed by our ancestors in old Reschen. As the youngest son of nine children Herbert Federspiel took over the Flickerhof in 1975 together with his wife Renate and moved it from the original to its current location. In 1985 the barn was built, in 1995 the residential building with the three apartments were added. In 2011 the farm was renovated and their son Matthias took over its management.

We received the ‘Bergbauer Preis Südtirol’ in 2013 (a price for alpine agriculture in South Tyrol) which was a great honor for the whole family. Such recognitions motivate us for the hard work on our farm.

Rural life begins early every day with milking the cows. We deliver daily our mountain milk to the MILA company for further processing to excellent dairy products. Of course our guests can enjoy fresh milk on a daily basis.

Whether early in the morning or late at night, summer or winter, our farm never rests. On our Flickerhof there is always something to do …

However, recreation and relaxation are guaranted!

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