Winter in Reschen

One of the best thing in the world :)

Winter in Reschen in few words...

Charming, variegated, intense, lake and mountain, guaranty of snow.
These few words describe the winter in Reschen.

Charming is the winter because the snowy view is in the upper Vinschgau valley stunning, The valley offers a uniq point of view when you are up in the mountain and vice versa.

Winter in Reschen is variegated, the slopes are always covered in snow and ready for the guests, also the wellness offer has a variety of option you can choose from. The Reschen pass area offers, for all our guests, a program full of adventures, you only have to pick the one for you.

Intense? We at Flicker Hof think that the winter is intense. Because of our experience in the daily work at the farm we can say, not that the winter is extremely cold, but that the winter is a proper one!

Lake and mountain, not only in summer, also perfect in winter. Come and visit us. The mix of the two will blow your mind, the winter atmosphere is a dream. On the lake, which in summer is for kiter and sailors, during winter on the frozen surface, you will be able to snow-kite, snow-sail, skate. The mountains offer also option for sports: ski,snowboard, sled, trekking, and alpine ski, here you can do everything.

To have enough snow in a Winter resort like Rechen pass, during the winter, is not only important, we would say vital. Reschen is fortunately a spot where snow falls a lot. The slopes are also well prepared Schöneben is know as the snow guarantee mountain. Come and enjoy.

Winter at ResiaSnow in the montains around Resia Snowshoeing